Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday

So we've met both guys now. How about the first time Thomas sees Andre naked?


He tried to shake it away to no avail. Of course he was going to find Andre attractive. Even with the scars. Thomas was a healthy gay man with an active sex drive, and Andre had a feral Adonis quality that would make straight boys look twice. But lusting after his mother’s caretaker was a complication he didn’t need. Andre was a nice enough guy, but he was clearly a loner—like you—with a tendency to skirt confrontation—like you. Thomas made him nervous, too.

Lots of reasons to let it go.

But his dick was hard when he turned back to the guest room, and a little demon in the back of his head was already running through the best scenarios to use as wanking material once he got back in bed.

He made it two steps when the shower clicked off. A moment later, the door opened and the lust object in question stepped out, drying himself off.

They both froze.

Andre hadn’t even bothered to wrap a towel around his waist. Water dripped down his wet skin, beading along his shoulders where it collected from the ends of his hair. In his left hand was the towel he’d been using to pat down his arms, but otherwise, the rest of him was as bare as the day he’d been born.

His upper body was tanned all over, taut skin stretching over finely hewn muscles, light hair covering his pecs. It narrowed to a slender trail, straight to a limp but still impressively thick cock. Heavy balls hung beneath, brushing against hard thighs which slimmed to shapely calves. Thomas’s mouth suddenly watered to sink his teeth into the firm flesh, test the muscle’s resilience, its strength. The scars at his throat, made more vivid by the contrast of his otherwise healthy skin, didn’t mar the overall effect. They enhanced it, hinting at a barely controlled ferocity.