Friday, August 12, 2011


I have company visiting, a dear friend I only get to see once a year. Earlier this week, she emailed me to discuss what we were going to do while she's here, and said she had one request. She wanted to see a couple episodes of Merlin, as that has been a recent obsession of mine.

I wholeheartedly agreed.

Now, I'm not an Arthurian purist, or really paid much attention to the bare bones of the legends before starting to watch the show. I'm well aware that it was pitched as the Smallville for the legend of Merlin. It's also a family show, so plotting is simplified, characterizations sometimes broad.

And yet...I'm rather enamored with this show right now.

I'll be shallow and say some of it is the pretty men.

But only some of it. I'm rather in love with the potential of it all. I've loved seeing how Arthur has grown from the bullying prat of the first episode to someone who could actually lead Camelot. I've adored seeing the journey Merlin has taken, from the earnest bumpkin to the confident young man who will guide Arthur to his destiny. I'm excited about seeing where it's going. Lucky for me there's at least two more seasons.

Even luckier that I get to share it this weekend with somebody who's going to experience it for the first time.


Loveless3173 said...

Oh yes! awesome! lol...
I recently came to watch this show as well thanks to a friend that said the show completely drew her in. xD And i gotta say, I'm quite addicted to it now too!

It's COMPLETELY different than what I am used to seeing of the whole, Merlin and King Arthur stories, not that I followed it closely before but I have always loved the few that I have seen of Merlin and Arthur. The one that I loved most of the Merlin universe was the movie with Sam Neil. That movie was my "Merlin Universe" for quite a while. This new one was odd to me at first but then again, all movies and shows that have done it are different in one way or another. This one really has its own take on it but it's very refreshing! xD I love it!