Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

With all the unrest going on in the UK, today's Thirteen was an easy one. Thirteen things I am grateful for in this world.

1. My husbandWe met online in 1997. I was an American finishing school in Florida, and he was a Brit working in Annapolis. I wasn't in a great place, but meeting him gave me a best friend, the return of my self-confidence, and a whole new world to explore.

2. My kidsThey drive me crazy sometimes, and they're getting too big to cuddle, but every day they find ways to astound me about the people they're becoming.

3. My dog, LucyThis is our Boston Terrier, Lucy, in the most common position you'll find her in. I complain about Lucy all the time, but the truth of the matter is, she's the sweetest, most docile dog you can imagine, and I'm so lucky that she's part of our family.

4. My iPadIn 2010, my husband surprised me with an iPad for Mother's Day. Having one pretty much changed how I do a lot of things. It goes almost everywhere with me, and has saved me from boredom too many times to count.

5. LoseItOkay, this one might seem odd, but hear me out. I suck at measuring stuff, or counting calories, or anything like that. I've always hated it. When my husband started using this application to track what he was eating this last spring, he almost immediately started losing weight. So I gave it a go. And wouldn't you know it, but it's been a godsend. I've lost 18 pounds since May 30, and this app is a big part of that.

6. BooksIf I didn't have stories to lose myself in, I'd go mad. Every day I'm grateful there are people out there creating them for me.

7. Working from homeMy husband and I always knew we wanted someone home full time with the kids if we could work it out, but I've always worked my entire adult life. I needed something else to keep my brain engaged. I'm so thankful I have a job that allows me to satisfy both needs.

8. Our jet tubWhen we got our new house a couple years ago, one of the things we splurged on was our bathroom. The husband wanted a jet tub, and while I didn't think it was all that necessary, he let me get the backsplash in the kitchen without any argument so I figured I owed him the same. Fast forward two years later, I'm the one who uses that tub the most, lol.

9. Where I liveI've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2004, when we moved back to the US from the UK. I grew up in the Midwest and lived on the East Coast prior to getting married and going to England, but I have to say that I don't want to live anywhere else right now. I love that I live in a part of the country that recognizes and accepts love isn't restricted by gender. I love the moderate weather, too.

10. People who smileIt takes so little to smile at someone - your partner, your kids, a stranger you pass at the store. Getting a random smile in response to one of mine always lifts my mood.

11. Starbucks Mocha Light FrappuccinosWhen I want to reward myself, or when I've had a crappy day and need a boost, this is my treat of choice. It always works.

12. The InternetWithout the Internet, I wouldn't have my husband, or many of my friends, or my life, really. It's introduced me to people and information I never would have had otherwise.

13. Mornings I get to sleep inAs someone who was never a morning person, having kids really messed with my body clock. Any time I get to sleep in past eight is a godsend.