Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Since I've been struggling to find my schedule this week with the kids back in school, this week's Thursday Thirteen are things that suck away my time...even when I know they shouldn't, lol.

1. Facebook.I wasn't even on Facebook until a year ago when my sister whined at me for the millionth time about how that was the only way to keep up with our scattered family. Now it's got its own window open all the time, lol.

2. Buffy the Vampire SlayerI was a huge Buffy fan back in the day, and one of my very good friends told me last year she hadn't seen it yet and wanted to. So we planned to start watching it together once the kids went back to school. It's hard to limit ourselves once we get started!

3. New babyThat same friend just had a baby five weeks ago, which means I have been doting, let me cuddle that baby for hours, mode. It's hard to give her back when it's time for the visit to end!

4. School runsI've got a daughter in middle school and a son in elementary school, which means lots and lots of running around.

5. Twitter Twitter is my social platform of choice. It's more succinct and I can do it on the fly. I'm far too addicted to it.

6. Making jewelry I've become obsessed recently with beading and making jewelry. I'm currently in the throes of education because what I really want to do is make chainmail jewelry.

7. Email We've got a blog tour going on for our latest Jamie Craig release, A Line in the Ice, which means answering a lot of interview questions and responding to emails.

8. Gardening It's that time of year when my tomatoes are going nuts. So I'm spending far too much time trimming, watering, and picking tomatoes. Good thing we love them!

9. Skype None of my family nor my husband's even lives in the same time zone we do. Skype is the way we stay in contact.

10. Reading I've never been able to stop reading, no matter how busy I get. I always have at least two or three books going at a time.

11. Knitting I've picked up my knitting again, since I have a new baby to actually make things for.

12. Netflix When they started streaming, I was doomed.

13. Michael's Michael's gets its own category. Time seems to disappear when I'm there.