Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today will be one of those days that require a lot of patience, something you would think I have in abundance since writers need so much of it. I woke up to minor problems from every corner of my life, and when they all hit you in the space of ten minutes, well...sometimes you lose your temper. A little.

And then go out and buy yourself a frappuccino to make yourself feel better.

I would've thought I'd have cultivated more of it by now. Writing is so much a waiting game most of the time. It takes time to write the story, it takes time to hear back after you've submitted it, it takes time to get through the editing process, it takes time to get to your release date. It's these long periods of nothing happening on a project, punctuated by flurries of "oh my god, I'll never get all of this done in time." Patience is your best friend then, but sometimes it's very hard to come by.

Especially when your eleven-year-old daughter insists on going to school looking like she just crawled out of the dryer.