Friday, August 5, 2011

Project Runway

As much as I occasionally get sucked into reality competition shows, Project Runway is one that slipped by me until two seasons ago. My writing partner Pepper kept talking about it, and I finally caved (ha, that seems to happen a lot with things she gets obsessed with) and watched.

And got sucked in. Because honestly, I love clothes, I love competition, and I love Tim Gunn. I even bought his book. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

So Thursday nights are all about PR now. I can't delete it when I'm done, because in the time I got addicted, so did my kids. I'm sincerely hoping this year will scrub away the memory of Gretchen's win last year (Mondo was so cheated). Last week's episode was already fantastic just because I got to see Seth Aaron again (I was a Seth Aaron fangirl his season, I would still kill for some of his clothes).

Which brings us to this season...I won't spoil anyone about who specifically has left yet. I'll just talk about whose clothes I love.

Anya. I didn't want to like her. I mean, look at her. She's stunning. She's an ex-beauty queen. She hasn't been sewing for very long. But I have loved, loved, loved both of her entries so far. She's got a very definite point of view, she's colorful, and she's interesting.

Bert. Okay, so maybe he coasted on his immunity this week, but I find his timeless, simple styles just beautiful. He needs to adjust his attitude, though.

Becky. Okay, I know she won't make it too far into the competition, most likely. She's too quirky and doesn't have the strongest skill set compared to some of the others. But I find myself really liking both of her entries so far. I thought the riot of color in her pet shop challenge fun and eye-catching.

There are a few others who have done some interesting things, though nobody I've loved from start to finish. Anthony Ryan's birdseed dress looked so elegant, but I thought his outfit the first week looked trashy. Olivier impressed me the first week, but I wasn't a fan of his pet shop challenge at all. I'm probably alone on that, lol.

But we'll see. The season is young, and there are many meltdowns to come, I'm sure.

And in the end, only one will end up making it work. I can only hope it's one that I like better than last year's Gretchen. ;)


Cherie Marks said...

Oh, you are a girl after my own heart. Ditto on everything Project Runway. My teen daughter and I watch it every week (thank goodness for DVR), and it gives us one more thing to talk about. Good to meet another fan.