Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Upcoming release - Anomalies

This Sunday, I have a story coming out at Amber Allure as part of their military men-themed pax. It's called Anomalies:

On the planet of Kathtor, Midnight Creek is special. It houses a geo-spatial anomaly that crosses the distance between opposite sides of the planet with a single step. A hundred years ago, the warring Kimon used the anomaly to invade the peaceful Therlerians, only to be driven away by their advanced technology.

Now, a single man guards the point of entry. Warden Arie Vedebel is the best of his kind, a soldier in the Liberated Therler Federacy, determined to defend his people to the death. When an electrical storm sets the creek on fire, he races to extinguish it, only to discover a man in the midst of it—General Dennick Ginn of the Elds Regime, a highly decorated Kimon officer.

Arie’s orders are to kill on sight, but Dennick’s claims that’s he come through the anomaly to destroy it make him pause. As far as Arie knows, the man’s goal is impossible. Then again, he’d always been told his post was a precautionary one, that traveling through the anomaly was no longer viable.

Warily, Arie and Dennick form an alliance. While Arie strives to find the truth, the one fact he can’t dispute is that Dennick is not what he expects a Kimon to be. The two men have more in common than military training...and they just might have a future, too.

I wanted to be a little different with this one and went sci-fi instead of sticking to Earth-bound militaries. Any time I can create my own world, I usually take it. It's liberating. The conflicts, however, are much more familiar. It's about enemies who discover they share common ideals, drawn together by a singular goal. It just so happens to occur on a different planet with a a different political climate, that's all.