Friday, August 28, 2015

Am I the last person watching Project Runway?

I'll admit, I still watch Project Runway. I have no delusions that it's good TV, or that it's not completely manipulated, or that it's about actual design and ability rather than product marketing. But I still watch because I love clothes, I love the process of creation (even in a fishbowl like this), and occasionally something marvelous comes down that runway.

All that being said...I do still get wrapped up in how wrong the final picks can be.

Which brings me to last night's episode. If you haven't watched and don't want to be spoiled, walk away now because I'm about to bitch about it.

I'm serious. I'm thoroughly flummoxed.

Because this?

Is a slap in the face to the other two in the top three.

Look, I can give Blake points for being innovative. He took a risk and it paid off as it was moving down the runway. But seriously, that dress is barely holding itself together, it's so poorly constructed. And when she's standing still, it looks awful. It's drama comes in the movement.

If I was Swapnil or Candice, I'd be so pissed about this. Because their dresses were well-made as well as being true to the challenge.

I thought Swapnil's dress was just a teensy bit too short, but the juxtaposition of the front to the back was marvelous. He also took great care on the fit, making sure details were precise. Lucky for him, too, that Tim discouraged the cheap shiny leather.

Candice might not have had the most innovative dress, but it was infinitely the most flattering of the top three and impeccably made. It looked so chic with the white jacket over it, but that leather dress (vegan leather, woo hoo!) is divine. From the way they were gushing over her, I thought she had it in the bag. Justifiably so.

At least I can cling to the belief that there is no way in hell Blake will make it to the end. He's just not good or consistent enough for that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!