Thursday, August 13, 2015

TBT: Walk Among Us

My idea journal has been chock full of dark ideas lately, which makes me nostalgic for one of my early novellas. It was part of a collection about priests I did with Pepper Espinoza called A Calling of Souls. We each wrote a novella, and then wrote one together as Jamie Craig. Pepper's was a fantasy about a young man who'd given up going into the priesthood, our Jamie title was about an English priest questioning his faith, and mine is a paranormal about an ex-priest who sees demons.

As an artist in New York City, Calvin Shumacher finally has the life he’s always wanted. In fact, only one thing can get him to come back to Illinois—his father’s funeral. All he wants is to bury his dad and hightail it back to New York, but a sniper at the graveyard puts those plans on indefinite hold.

So does Matthew Soto. The gorgeous gunman who speaks of monsters wearing human faces. And predicts there won’t be a body for police to find.

Calvin doesn’t know what to think when Matthew claims he didn’t do anything wrong. All he knows is that this man’s haunted eyes seem to pierce right into his soul.

But as each of Matthew’s assertions comes true, Calvin slowly realizes this killer could be the only thing standing between him and an unspeakable evil…

Even though it's been six years since I wrote this, the tale sticks with me. These men are both incredibly lonely, and I found Calvin's head a familiar place to reside for a while. He's an artist and views the world as such, filtering things by color and shape. Most writers I know do the same, except with words and phrases.

To read an excerpt and for purchase information, check it out at Samhain!