Thursday, August 20, 2015

TBT: Aria of the Eclipse

In honor of my new sci-fi/futuristic story coming out at Amber Allure this weekend, this week's Throwback Thursday goes to an earlier sci-fi story I had come out there, Aria of the Eclipse.

Nothing has ever excited Tylen Merodine more than being invited by the Regent himself to celebrate the first solar eclipse in his planet’s recorded history. It’s the party of the millennium, and if he has to restrain his normal exuberant instincts to fit in, that’s what he’ll do to be a part of it. His good intentions vanish, however, the moment he’s presented to the Regent. Because there, in a gilded cage, playing music unlike anything Tylen’s ever heard, is the most beautiful alien he could imagine.

For more than twenty years, Dek has lived in captivity, performing at the whim of those who see him as an animal. The Regent is just the latest in a long line of owners, and while he’s kind, he’s still blind to Dek’s sentient nature. Only music gives Dek a voice, until Tylen breaks the rules and sneaks in to see and speak to him alone.

The time they have together is stolen and precious, the minutes ticking away until the eclipse is past and they have to go back to the way their lives were before. But when the Regent shows an unexpected interest in Tylen’s future, they begin to wonder if their worlds need to remain so separate...

In actuality, the two stories are drastically different. While my upcoming release is about gritty military men trapped in political intrigue, Aria of the Eclipse was romantic and melodic, about two sheltered men of different species who find love within the constraints of their existence. It's one of those worlds I've longed to get back to, but time and obligations haven't been kind to those desires. I really need to tell the Regent's story more than anything else. To this day, he fascinates me the most out of all the secondary characters. If I can get to it, his will be the story I write.

For an excerpt and purchase information, visit Amber Allure.