Friday, January 24, 2014

Loving Chris Pine

I have such a celebrity crush on Chris Pine. I'm not even embarrassed to admit I've loved him since Princess Diaries 2. Hey, I have a 13 y/o daughter. It was completely in her wheelhouse that we watched it a lot, lol. Bottle Shock? Yes. Kirk? Oh, my yes. Plus, he's in one of my favorite romantic comedies, This Means War. And in spite of the mixed reviews, I am totally seeing the new Jack Ryan very soon.

But color me surprised when I saw his interview on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week and heard him sing. I knew he was doing Into the Woods, but hadn't given too much thought about his singing abilities, because hello, Chris Pine. Those eyes. That smile. So charming. 

I think I love him more now. I didn't think that was possible.