Friday, January 10, 2014

eBook Readers Can Be Beautiful

I inherited my son's Kindle over the Christmas holiday, so the first thing I did was get online to replace the cover because I didn't want to carry around a Star Wars cover. (Okay, the second thing. The first thing was transferring all my books from my cloud onto the device.) A friend of mine had purchased covers from an online site called Oberon Design, so because hers was so gorgeous, that's where I went.

It arrived yesterday.

Isn't it stunning? And so me. The workmanship is exquisite, the leather thick and heavy, and the pewter rose charm that acts as a clasp is the perfect counterpoint. I can't stop picking it up and sighing over how beautiful it is.

My poor iPad cover looks really sad in comparison. It's a vinyl Kate Spade cover that looks like a black/white composition notebook, which I thought was fun and clever when I got it. In fact, the same friend who showed me the Oberon site talked me into getting the notebook cover, too, I just realized. Anyway, I'm fighting not going back and ordering a different cover for my iPad now.

Maybe I'll just ask for one for my birthday.