Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home and recuperating

My surgery went very well yesterday. It started a tad late, so the prediction I'd be home by 10:30am was off by an hour, but I really can't complain. The staff at the facility was wonderful, especially all the nurses. My doctor was his usual monosyllabic self, but hey, his job is to fix people not entertain them, so I'm all right with that.

I slept for a part of the afternoon, but my pain meds don't really have an averse effect on me, thank goodness. My need for sleep was mostly from the lack the night before. My daughter took care of dinner, though she came in at one point and jokingly asked me if I wanted my job back. I'm sleeping in the guest room so I don't have to worry about disturbing my husband and also because it has an ensuite so I don't have to hobble as far for a bathroom. My daughter watched TV with me in the early evening, and my son is bringing in games to play with me tonight.

This afternoon, they have a piano recital I don't get to attend, but I will get to hear/see, thanks to Skype. We were early adopters, mostly because of all the transatlantic communications. It's tough on grandparents when you move their only grandchildren from one continent to another. But we've used it for so many others things, too, like getting play-by-play information on the World's Cup from my father-in-law in the UK while we were driving cross-country several years to see my family. Kind of beats having to sing for hours in the car to keep ourselves entertained when we were kids, lol.

Anyway, hopefully today will be as good as it was yesterday. I don't have any numbness left in my foot, though my toes are so swollen, they look like fat cocktail weenies. I took a tracing of my foot Thursday night, and when I'm standing properly in a few weeks, I'm going to take another one to see what the difference is. Silly, I know, but I kind of want to be reminded of the difference.


Archie said...

I know this is late, but happy you are doingg well after your surgery. Keep us updated. Hugs!