Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to real life

Today, my kids went back to school, and my husband went into the office. That means this is my first day since my surgery I'll be alone all day.

I've officially lost my waitstaff. Well, until three this afternoon, anyway.

Lucy (our Boston Terrier) better not be too needy today. She'll be out of luck because I'm not traipsing around the house for her every whim just yet.

Hopefully, this means good things for my word count. I've started my story for the music pax coming out at Amber Allure this spring, and it's flying by. Nothing historical this time, though. This time it's sci-fi.

AND...I've blogged over at the Amber Pax Collection blog today, talking about how my love affair with noir began. Head on over and comment. Everybody who comments on the blog this week gets a chance to win the entire collection. Plus, any comments made on my post will get their name thrown in on my DVD giveaway, too. How can you say no to that?