Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Bad Lip Reading

Generally speaking, I don't read YA. It's just not a genre that interests me enough to add to my TBR repertoire. However, like everything else in life, there are exceptions. The biggest is The Hunger Games trilogy.

I only read the first book because my  twelve-year-old daughter begged me to do so before I took her to see the movie last March. Only...I didn't do it before we went. I enjoyed the movie enough, though, to pick it up that week. I then devoured the next two. They're not perfect--the choice to use 1st person narrative forces information dumps in the last two chapters of each book in order to get all the information out that Katniss isn't privy to, which is extremely annoying--but each one gave me an emotional wallop when I finished it. I just love the characters, and the world, and its rawness, and...well, I loved them enough to see the movie six more times over the next four months.

All that being said, when I saw this video on YouTube yesterday, I giggled like a ten-year-old. The humor in it is childish and a little stupid, but, well, yeah, I still laughed at it. Maybe you will, too.