Thursday, April 12, 2012

RT - Wednesday

It was...a very long day, lol.

I'm still on California time so getting up for registration at 9 was tough. Still, I managed it, and got downstairs about 9:30 to do it. I decided to wait on the goody room until the lines died down, and went back to my room until noonish to look over the program. While the parties aren't my thing, I definitely wanted to head to the steampunk panel so that's where I was at 1pm. Panelists included Eden Bradley and R.G. Alexander, and it offered a nice overview of steampunk in general.

The best thing about it was how it switched up my idea on the steampunk m/m I'm planning on writing for Amber Allure this fall. I have some very cool ideas now that I'm all set to explore.

Other than that, it was all about socializing. I got to meet up with Liquid Silver authors for happy hour, some of my favorites ever to hang around with at RT (though Dee Carney, I miss you!). Interesting (and fun) conversations about retitling stories and zombie alligators (the latter courtesy of T.A. Chase), after which I headed back to the hotel to meet up with Trace Edward Zaber from AQP and a few others.

He's not a myth, by the way. He's very much real. And just an absolutely cool guy all around.

But now it's late, and I have to go to bed. The e-book signing is tomorrow as well as another workshop I want to go to. I have writing to do in between all that, though. So...yes, sleep is in order very soon here.