Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Off to RT

I am off to Chicago today, for the annual RT conference! This is the one convention I make sure I get to every year, as much for the week I get to spend around other writers as it is for everything else.

This year, I get to meet some people from my publishers that I've never had the privilege to see in person before, and there's always the bonus of getting to put faces to authors I've met online in the past year. I'm not much of a party person, though, so don't expect wild tales about those. I'll go to a few workshops, hang out with friends, and (hopefully) get lots of writing done.

I'm going to try and do recaps of each day while I'm here, but please note my use of the word "try." I tend not to be very good at that, and the only camera I have is on my iPhone, but we'll see what I come up with. :)