Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RT - Tuesday night

Um...well, I had every intention of writing stuff up about all the stuff I did on Tuesday night, but my flight was late getting to Chicago, so I didn't actually arrive until after 8pm. After tweeting, wondering where everybody was, I got a text from the fabulous Tina Burns (one of my favorite people from Liquid Silver) saying they were headed down to the bar.

So that's where I headed once I felt human again. She wasn't actually in the bar itself but in a quieter area nearby, along with the always adorable TA Chase, Stephani Hecht, Caitlin Willows (who has been one of my absolute rocks in this industry for years now), and...Trace Zaber! For as much as I've published with Amber Quill, this was my first time getting to meet him in person, something I've been looking forward to for ages.

The bulk of my night was spent talking to him, unsurprisingly. About just about everything under the sun. Completely worth it.

I have to register in the morning, and then look at the schedule to see what I want to do. I *do* know that there's a Liquid Silver get-together after the workshops tomorrow, but other than that...well, I'll figure it out in the morning.

If I can ever fall asleep. I'm still on California time and I'm not tired. I imagine I'll be dragging tomorrow. :P