Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Voice results

Yes, I watch The Voice. I love it for the judges mostly, since my favorites very rarely do well (and if they do make it to the finale, they never win, I'm looking at you Michelle Chamuel and Terry McDermott). I've learned not to overinvest in my favorites on this show, but I'll admit, it's tough this year.

See, for the first time in a long time, I really like nearly all of the top five. I have my favorites - James Wolpert and Will Champlin by a mile - but Tessanne Chin and Jackie Lee are both so talented in their own rights, I wouldn't mind if they win. The only one I can probably do without is Cole Vosbury, and that's not really his fault. He has a solid voice, but he gets overshadowed by the other four. Plus, in all honesty, he has never topped his blind audition for me. Because the ballsy, rocking version he did of "Movin' on Up" was too cool for words:

Where did that go? Blake completely homogenized him.

On the other hand, James still excites me every time he comes onstage. I love his range, his ability to go from theatrical to completely understated. Unlike Blake, he is still doing great things, too. Like the week he did "Somebody to Love:"

Do you have any favorites? Are you done because your favorite is gone?


Carla Krae said...

No, I'm still in. I'm supportive of 4 out of 5. All great in their own ways.

But I wish Jacqui had already been sent home. Sweet, adorable kid, but I have to turn down the volume every time she sings. Her tones hurt my ears. I went to college for voice, so I'm picky about technique, and she's placing sound in all the wrong'd be easy to correct at this point, but if she keeps singing how she does for years to come she won't have a voice left. You can't sing from your throat for a long time without developing problems with your chords.

Vivien Dean said...

I can see that. Some of her performances are just hard to listen to. I think Christina is overidentifying with her and trying to turn her into a mini-her, and it's getting in the way of bad habits.

Carla Krae said...

Yep. And Christina has some incorrect vocal habits herself, so...yeah.

I started out self-taught in certain aspects as a teen, but I was doing it off Broadway and classical tracks, not pop music. And I was somewhat decorated as a teen singer, so I thought I was hot shit going into college. And then met my voice teacher and learned how much I still didn't know. One session had me so frustrated I almost cried in front of her.

So I really cringe when young singers with natural talent are overly praised.