Friday, December 13, 2013

A New Series

I have something coming up in 2014 that I haven't had in a while - books in a series. It's not just talking about wanting to do sequels because I love the secondary characters and want them to have their own stories. There are at least two, if not three, stories coming out at Amber Allure in 2014 that are all set in the same world.

It's called Bay Wolves, and it's exactly what it sounds like - werewolf romances set in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first is a short story called Boundless, introducing the world and a set of reunited lovers, and from there, it moves on to other couples, all wrapped up in the intrigue of this underground world. In this series, werewolves are a known commodity, but they're deemed less than human and lack a lot of normal rights granted to people, thus driving many of them to keep their natures secret.

The majority of the stories are going to be m/m, but there will probably be at least one m/f (the brother of Boundess's hero is definitely straight, and I want him to have a happy ending, too). I have no idea how long it'll stretch, either. It really depends on how that world evolves. My initial plan is to focus on new couples with each one, but I'm not ruling out returning to earlier romances. For instance, the reunited lovers in the first could very well find themselves with a longer story later on.

I'm so excited about this series and more than a little amused. I do love following characters and worlds, but honestly never would've thought I'd be doing it with werewolves. But that's what these guys demanded, and the world they live in is too fascinating to ignore.

I'll keep you updated on how it all pans out. Next week, expect to hear more about Boundless as that one will be coming out in January!