Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Cover Art - Boundless

Remember that new series I was telling you about a couple days ago? I thought I wouldn't be talking about it again until next week, but I was wrong. I got cover art to share with you today.

Love, love, love it. That's Denny, my cop, on the cover. Oh, wait, you need a blurb, too. Well, it's rough, but here it is:

Helping people is what Denny Patton does. Most of the time, it’s through his duties as a cop in San Francisco, but every once in a while, he steps in and aids his brother in an underground battle for those without any rights under the law – werewolves. Their latest mission is to rescue a group of wolves who have been held captive and forced to do the unspeakable. The task will put his career at risk, but in his heart, Denny believes it’s the right thing to do.

Especially when one of the rescued wolves turns out to be the man who disappeared from his life seven years ago.

Elijah and Denny were high school sweethearts until Elijah disappeared from the Bay Area the summer after they graduated. The note he left behind told Denny and his family to move on without him, but Denny has never forgotten his first love. Now, he wants answers about why Elijah could ever leave. More importantly, he wants the future they were always meant to have…