Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In which I buy shoes

I talked about my obsession with Baublebar a couple weeks ago, but to be honest, my love for shiny jewelry isn't alone. It extends quite a bit to most accessories, like purses and shoes. My daughter doesn't quite understand the fascination, though now that she wears adult sizes, she's beginning to see a little of it. But when I had to go to DSW this past weekend to use some gift cards before they expired, I still got the, "But you don't need shoes!"

I ended up getting *cough* three pairs, one from clearance, one to replace brown casual boots, and one I just couldn't resist.

The clearance pair were just a pair of plum loafers, uber comfortable and very versatile.

Then, I got a pair of Not Rated oxfords, butter soft and so comfortable:

But my purely unnecessary purchase were these wedge platforms:

I have no idea where I'll wear them, but I couldn't resist. I wanted them desperately to hurt my feet so I could have a reason not to buy them, but no such luck. They're as comfy as the oxfords and to much fun.


Dee Carney said...

Those wedges are too cute!