Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Falling in love with BaubleBar

So...I'm a little jewelry obsessed. It started young, mostly because jewelry never had sizes. I stopped wearing a lot when my daughter was born, because she was a puller and a biter. My mother-in-law's gold locket still bears my daughter's tooth marks, lol.

But now that they're older, I've slowly integrated pieces back into my life, and it's come to a raging addiction this past year. In November, I discovered a site called BaubleBar. I'd seen a picture of a bracelet someone was wearing, fell in love with it, and promptly looked up where she got it from. The jewelry ranges in prices from $20 up into hundreds, but there's enough in that lower end---and much of it still so unique---that it's still more than worth it.

Basically, you sign up but you're never obligated to buy anything. Signing up just gets you into their reward program, where, for every $50 you spend, you earn a credit. With those credits, you can purchase pieces in their Vault. I bought my very first vault item this week, these smokescreen drops:
But I was bad, and convinced myself that even though I'd already purchased my one piece this month that I allow myself, I couldn't make an order with only a vault item in it. So I ended up getting these matisse cuffs as well:
I couldn't resist. Yes, I'm weak. :)

One of their other treats? Every Friday, they have a "buried bauble" where they select something under the $50 price point and sell it for $10. They did that for the first three weeks of December straight, as a prelude to Christmas. I got some fantastic pieces then.

So if you're curious about it, go and take a look. I've had superior experiences with them, and recommend it highly. You can even put me down as having referred you, if you want.