Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Costuming on Outlander

I finally got around to watching the new episode of Outlander yesterday (being busy is the worst for getting stuff off the DVR, Mad Men is still taunting me but I want to watch it all in one sitting and finding 65 minutes of uninterrupted time is impossible right now). I deliberately didn't read the book before the show started, and it's been quite a few years since I read the first one, but honestly, I don't remember Claire being such a spitfire during the spanking scene. I mean, I knew she fought back. And the fact that the scene itself occurred is something that stands out from the hundreds of scenes I've read with Jamie and Claire over the course of the books. But this still felt more raw than I expected.

Not a bad thing at all. One of Claire's best qualities is her fearlessness and determination to stand up in a fight she's passionate about. Just... unexpected. I still really enjoyed the episode. Sam Heughan is really coming into his own as Jamie, and Catriona Balfe continues to be a marvel.

So color me excited to see an article on Outlander's costuming show up in my reader this morning. I follow a blog called Frock Flicks, which is all about period costumes in film. Today, she has a very long, very informative guest post on Outlander. I highly recommend it. There's some great facts in there, and she's a huge fan of Terry Dresbach, the show's costumer, in spite of some minor complaints. Every show can't be perfect, after all.