Monday, March 17, 2014

We are here!

We arrived safely in Las Vegas last night, after nine hours on the road. It was actually a nice drive. My husband and I split it up, which meant I got to sit and finally read Divergent. My daughter's been on my case about getting it done before we see the movie this coming weekend, so it was good to get it out of the way. I've got the other two books with me, so we'll see if I get around to finishing the series before I get home.

I liked the book enough to finish out the series, but I'll admit, I really don't care for Tris very much. I don't know if that will improve, but hopefully. My daughter says she likes the second book best and she didn't like Tris much after the first one, so fingers crossed.

I'm also completely unspoiled for these books, so please don't try to reassure me of anything, lol!

Anyway, today we're taking the kids down to the Bellagio and Paris to show them around. Then it's dinner at Gordon Ramsay's Steakhouse at the Paris and The Beatles Love at the Mirage tonight. I'm going to try and take some pictures to post tomorrow, but I'll admit I have a tendency to forget once I'm in the middle of sightseeing.