Monday, March 10, 2014

Going to Las Vegas

My husband surprised me and our kids with plans for an impromptu jaunt to Las Vegas next week. It's the start of the kids' spring break, and he has to leave the second week of it for a business trip to Barcelona, so he wanted to make it up to us a little bit.

We aren't going crazy. We're only there for three nights, and our kids are 12 and 14 so it's definitely family-friendly. We have tickets to see Penn & Teller on Monday night, then on Tuesday, we're eating dinner at Gordon Ramsay's at the Paris (because it was absolutely divine when he took me there for my birthday last summer), then a hop down the strip to see Love at the Mirage. Good friends of ours saw it and LOVED it, and I do have to admit, it looks amazing:

Blogging might be spotty next week as a result, but we have internet at our hotel, so hopefully I'll be able to get something up.