Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar watching

In anticipation of the Oscars yesterday, I spent Friday and Saturday catching up on movies I hadn't got to see before. Nebraska. Dallas Buyers Club. Blue Jasmine. Gravity. A few others, but these are the ones that were most important, for a lot of reasons.


I knew Gravity was going to win a lot of technical awards, and probably best director, and I wanted to know why and if they deserved it.
---Opinion: Yes.

Blanchett, McConaughey, and Leto were the leaders in their categories and again I wanted to see if the wins would be deserved.
---Opinion: Blanchett and Leto most definitely. Leto made me cry, and Blanchett was stunning. McConaughey was good, but not who I would've voted for in that category.

Nebraska is the kind of movie that I adore, and I wanted to get lost in the possibilities.
---Opinion: LOVED this movie so much. If I'd been given a vote, I would've thrown it at Bruce Dern without batting an eyelash. He's brilliant in this, and the film is so full of other greatness, that's saying a lot. In another year, I would've voted for June Squibb, too, because she was a joy (I still would give my vote to Jennifer Lawrence, because of how completely she stole every scene she was in).

I never did see 12 Years a Slave, so I can't comment on how I feel about those wins, though I wasn't surprised by them. And overall, the Oscars this year were both over and underwhelming--too long and not very funny, and yet quite accessible because of Ellen and the quirkiness of her hosting.

Other highlights:
---Bill Murray sneaking in his tribute to Harold Ramis.
---Pink's performance of Over the Rainbow. Stunning.
---Leto and Lupita's acceptance speeches.
---Darlene Love singing in the best documentary acceptance speech.