Friday, August 23, 2013

Project Runway made me cry

Spoilers ahead for last night's Project Runway...

I cried. I admit it. Justin is an absolutely sweet guy, and he was so obviously upset about the whole thing that I couldn't help but get wrapped up in it with him. Especially since I didn't think he should've been last man standing. Karen should've got the boot because hers was both boring and ill-fitting. At least Justin tried, which shows genuine effort.

I know people are calling manipulation on Tim's save, and it probably is, but I genuinely don't care (though if Jeremy, Bradon, or Dom end up going home before the finale because Tim wasted his save on Justin, ask me that again, lol). I think the workroom needs Justin calming presence to help counter some of the drama, which makes it as valid reason as any. He's never going to be a real contender, but that doesn't mean he doesn't add value to the show with his presence.

As for the actual designs, my least and most faves were...

I hated Alexandria's from start to finish. Hated it. I wanted her in the bottom so bad, and I have no idea how it won. I actually disliked it more than I disliked Justin's and Karen's. Anyone with thighs will tell you dropped crotches suck, and the jacket didn't look like it fit right.

I was in love with Jeremy's calligraphy bias dress. I'm a sucker for script in any format as decoration, and this was just stunning. Even when he's just been safe this season, he's consistently pulling out some of my favorite looks. I'm most definitely his customer, lol.