Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outlander obsession

With each step the Outlander series takes toward its premiere, I get more excited.

I was warily enthusiastic when they cast Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser and Diana Gabaldon gave her full endorsement to the choice.

But then he tweeted this in July, and he completely won me over.

I wasn't following Gabaldon on Twitter prior to a couple weeks ago (because that felt like just a step too far into obsession, lol), but since succumbing, I've been witness to some lovely interactions between her and Sam about the project. Plus, she always has information about what's going on with the show. That might not last if the show takes off, but in these early stages, it's absolute gold.

Which sounds like an obsessed fangirl, I know, but...Outlander! Jamie Fraser! How can I not be obsessed?