Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The return of All My Children

I grew up on ABC soap operas. My mom watched them, a habit she got from my great-grandmother, and I got addicted early on. I vaguely remember Luke Spencer's introduction to General Hospital, but damn if I wasn't there for the whole Luke and Laura ride. There were years when I didn't watch--my college roommate owned our TV and was an avid Santa Barbara fan, much to my chagrin, and I couldn't watch any of them when I lived in the UK (how did we ever survive before we could watch stuff online?!?)--but I was still hooked on All My Children when it was canceled two years ago.

And now it's back!

In what just might be the future of TV watching, AMC is now an online show. It premiered today via Hulu, and I'll admit, I watched it. It picks up five years after the network show's demise, and they've chosen to age a number of the younger characters as well as bring back some old favorites.

Was it great? Um...I'm withholding judgment for the time being. It's an odd amalgamation right now--familiar faces mixed with familiar characters in new faces, as well as missing five years of history. Part of what gets people hooked on soaps is that sense of ongoing history, and right now, there's a void in it. That's frustrating. I'm sure it's going to get filled in, but while it does, I'm left feeling a tad discombobulated.

Did anybody else watch it? I'm curious what your thoughts are.