Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Older heroes in m/m romance

So I'm currently working on my short novella for the upcoming entertainment pax at Amber Allure, and something about it has me thinking.

See, my MC is 77. A spry, active, handsome 77, but an AARP member nonetheless.

And I've decided to make him sexually active. Because hell, he's older but he's not dead. And seriously, he deserves a romance just as much as any 20-year-old.

But I'm not blind. I know that stories about older heroes aren't what a lot of romance readers are looking for. What it boils down to, however, is this:

I love this guy. I want him to have this love affair. So I'm going to write it, even if that means only one other person reads it.

What are your thoughts on older heroes in m/m romance?


Clare London said...

Personally, I think this is a great idea! I've passed on this link to see what other readers think :). I love the idea that someone who's as young as ever in their mind still has an active body, too.

jennysmum2000 said...

I love older protags, I have loved older men since I was a youngster and I still do, Sean Connery anyone?
So long as he is written realistically and isn't just a grey haired 20 yo then reading about older men is brilliant. Heck I'm married to one!

Tam said...

I read a story by Allison Bailey, The Tennis Partners which featured a pair of men in a retirement community.

I quite enjoyed it and thought it was very sweet. Mind you, it had no explicit sex. Would I have been squicked out by that? I hope not. LOL But I know there are people who ask for stories will varied characters, so here's therd chance to put their money where their mouth is and read one.

Vivien Dean said...

Thanks so much for the input, everyone!

It's fine by me if some people get squicked out by the idea of older people having sex. That's the nature of the romance beast. There's always going to something that squicks people out, and that's okay. With this one, half the story is getting to know the main hero and where he's coming from, so I'm keeping fingers crossed that he'll be real enough for people by the time the sex happens.

Plus, there's so many sexy older men out there. Paul Newman did "Nobody's Fool" when he was 69. Patrick Stewart is almost 73. The list goes on.

J.Rose Allister said...

I've never written a protag the age of this one, but I have been known to write men in their 30's and 40's. Okay, some in their 100's, but I imagine that immortals don't count! In any case, I like men a bit more on the mature side.

I say, write what you want! Why not?

Anonymous said...

I love the idea!

Stories featuring characters you don't see every day are my favorites. I'm waiting for the day when someone asks the question: "Does anyone want to read about a perfect alpha hero?" :)

I'm looking forward to reading your story!