Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly wrap--up

Well, it's Friday, which was when I was going to announce the winner of my book giveaway this week, but nobody commented on the post. It's disappointing, but I hope that means you went out and bought it instead. It really was a very hot menage and deserves a lot of sales.

My son came home from school on Wednesday sick with the nasty stomach bug that is running rampant through our town, so I've been in Super Mom mode the past two days. Writing has taken a back seat to that. He's on the mend, though now I'm crossing my fingers that none of the rest of us get it.

This weekend is EPICon, and Saturday night is the awards ceremony for the EPIC eBook awards. I have two stories that finaled this year - my solo title, 'Tis the Season, in the Short Story category, and a Jamie Craig title, A Line in the Ice, in the Science Fiction Romance category. I don't get to go this year, which makes me sad. But I made the decision that, with my foot surgery in January, I wouldn't do any traveling this spring at all, because I couldn't know how my recovery would be. But I'll be keeping a close eye when the winners are announced on Saturday night. I have friends who are going to be there who have also finaled, like the amazingly talented Rick Reed (and how glad am I that I'm not in a category with him!), so I'll be thinking positive thoughts for them, too.