Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Runway

I haven't laughed so much at an episode of Project Runway in a long time. Seriously. And probably not in a good way, because the challenge was executed so atrociously, the judging eye-roll-worthy, and the winner outrageous.

I loved the idea of the challenge, but I'm not surprised it fell flat. First of all, how condescending was Victor about having to work with a kid? Or Bert saying he liked his partner because he didn't talk? Though I laughed so hard at Laura's being so much more level-headed than her. It's sad commentary when the kids are the mature ones in the challenge.

I also don't understand why any of the designers thought it was a good thing when a teenager (or tween in some cases) said they'd go into a store and buy the dress right now. Um, did you miss the memo where it was supposed to be avant garde? Ready to wear is not what you're shooting for here.

None of the ones I liked were in the top/bottom six. In fact, I think Anya's was the best by far:

It was pretty, visually interesting, and doesn't look off the rack. The difference between this and Anthony's was execution and daringness. Anthony's might have been a pretty gown if he'd been able to make it not look like a craft table exploded in a static shower, but I just don't think it's avant garde. And the others...meh.

I'm not really looking forward to next week's. Another team challenge? Really? The show is milking the friction between everybody, which is really annoying. I just want to see pretty clothes, damn it!