Friday, January 23, 2015

Going to San Antonio

Yesterday, I finally caved and registered for EPICon in March. This year, it's in San Antonio again, which I love, at the Menger Hotel, which I also love, and it doesn't conflict with anything in my personal life, so it should've been a done deal ages ago, right?

I only wish.

I waffled back and forth about going ever since the finalists were announced for the Epic Awards. I wanted to go and get all dressed up for the awards ceremony, but this convention is always teeny-tiny. Even though the panels and presentations look really good, EPICon is harder to justify in regards to cost. Going becomes about want rather than requirement. And it's hard for me to succumb to that. It's time away from my family as well as money. I can't say it's necessarily time away from work because truth of the matter is, I usually spend half my time at conventions working in my room. I even do that at RT. My friends there know to expect that now.

But I pulled the trigger on it anyway. A couple days away from stresses is good for me, and 2015 is about taking care of me just as much as it's about taking care of the rest of the family. Plus, my very good friend Catherine Snodgrass is supposed to be going, so I'll get to see her. It'll be a win all around.

Just as soon as I stop feeling guilty about it.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!