Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preserving LGBT History

As Pride month draws to an end, articles like this one remind me of how important it is to remember where we've been. It's a brief piece on photos from the 1950s that are in the archives at the University of Southern California Libraries, but it highlights just how far we've really come.

The photos' owner took the pictures in a photo booth, one of the few places where a young gay man might be able to sneak some intimacy with another. There's both an innocence about it and a sense of defiance that reverberates to this day.

We can't forget. When we get discouraged about prejudices in today's world, we have to remember there was once a time when it was much worse. The world is changing for the better, but it's a process, one we continue to fight for, and we owe it to our predecessors to remind future generations of their battles as well.

Go check out the photos. They'll make you smile.