Thursday, June 19, 2014

Little by little

Earlier this week, a Canadian boy was presented with a real gift - a birth certificate where his gender had been officially changed from female to male. While it's not that unusual for new birth certificates to be issued for trans people, this case marks a decided shift for them. Why?

Because 12 year-old Wren Kauffman has yet to have to gender reassignment surgery, a necessary requirement prior to the Kauffman case.

It's a wonderful step forward in trans rights, recognizing gender identification as valid regardless of age. Not everyone might be as fortunate as Wren in having such a loving, supportive family, so it becomes the law's responsibility to grant the rights they might otherwise be denied.

Bravo, Wren. I know you're going to be an inspiration for a lot of kids who might be struggling with their trans identities.