Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Master Chronicles sale

Today over at Amber Allure, the entire series of the Master Chronicles is on sale. For those who don't know what that is, that's the 10-book (plus prequel and sequel novellas) series I wrote with Pepper under the pseudonym Jamie Craig, about vampire Gideon, his assistant Jesse, and empath Emma.

Today, you can buy any of the e-titles for 50% off! The books are hot as hell and very dark in places (Jesse is a masochist and Gideon's a...well, he's a vampire so he does like his pain and blood), but in the end, they're still love stories as the men first discover each other, and then find Emma, the third that completes them.

The series starts with Master of Obsidian and then goes from there. The complete list in order is:

Master of Obsidian
Mosaic Moon
Seduction in Black and White
Chaos & Communion
A Renaissance in Blood
The Age of Retribution
However Long the Night
The Price of His Redemption