Thursday, April 17, 2014

John Newman

In the past two months, I've developed a new music obsession. It's Yorkshire talent, John Newman. I heard the first fifteen seconds of a song called "Running" and promptly went out and bought the whole album. I rarely do that. The CD got put in the car for the drive to Las Vegas last month, during which time my daughter got obsessed with it.

We've been playing it nonstop ever since.

It's called Tribute, and it's just astounding. There isn't a weak song on it, though some are definite stunners. The London Philharmonic plays on it, and his use of sax and strings as well as the typical "band" instruments gives him a jazzy vibe on top of his soul tone.One of my favorites is "Losing Sleep," just love it.


Henry said...

Getting a break from regular routine is required. I have booked the music concert ticket for this weekend.