Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Almost Human

So who out there is watching Almost Human? I've been getting caught up on it and really enjoying it so far. It's got a ton of things going for it, like:

  • Karl Urban. I would watch this man in anything. I love his wry tone and he's hot as hell.
  • Lili Taylor. I know she's worked steadily in TV for the past fifteen years, but never in something that I actually watched, but I have loved, loved, loved her since Mystic Pizza and Say Anything came out. She was One of Us, not the prom queen who got all the boys but the funny or the smart one--and often both--who made you cheer right along with her. Her Captain Maldonado is nuanced and intriguing. I love what they're doing with her so far.
  • Michael Ealy. I saw him in Last Vegas playing Morgan Freeman's son right before Almost Human aired, and spent the whole movie trying to figure out why the man looked so familiar. Oops. His acting is capable enough, but right now, I'm watching him for the pretty. Because look at him!
  • The banter. The chemistry between Ealy and Urban, as well as their banter (especially when they're stuck in the car together), is fun and off the charts. I've laughed a lot with this show, which is always a good sign.
  • Mackenzie Crook. His character might be a stereotype, but I love the chance to see him doing something smart.
Are you watching? What do you think?