Monday, February 4, 2013

What I Read

Though I live in the Bay Area, I did not watch the Super Bowl yesterday. We're not a football family, not when I have a British husband who played rugby as a kid. I ended up reading and writing for the most part, which is how I usually spend my Sunday afternoons, frankly. I read a wide variety of stuff, but yesterday, it was m/m time travel.

When Ted Ennis steps out the doors of the Criterion Theatre for a cigarette and finds himself in Victorian London, he begins to doubt his sanity. At first he thinks it's all a film set, and is sure that the strikingly handsome young man leaning against a lamppost must be the leading man...
What starts as a sordid transaction with a beautiful rent boy quickly turns into something much deeper, drawing him back again and again as he gets to know Jem and craves meaningful encounters with him.
But Ted doesn't understand the exact conditions necessary for his trips through time--and for Jem, time may actually be running out. Now Ted has one last shot to get back to Jem and save their relationship, before it's too late...
I didn't stand a chance against this one. Time travel? Check. Theater? Check. I made my choice to buy it before I finished the excerpt.

It's a highly romantic, very sentimental erotic romance. Its novella length does mean that it's a little bit of insta-love, but sometimes, that's what I'm looking for, and this one worked for me. It's told in first person, in Ted's POV, and he really benefits from this. He's a damaged, grieving man, and the vulnerability he presents is well-balanced with the glimpses we get into how he fights against it. I loved Ted to pieces. I did wish that I could get to know Jem better, especially why he fell so quickly for Ted, but I still liked him enough to be invested in their HEA.

For more information, check it out at Carina.

Because I enjoyed this one, I'd like to spread that joy! I'm going to give a copy to a random commenter on this post. I'll pick a winner on Saturday.

And don't forget, comments on this post still qualify for my giveaways for my two January releases!