Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My 5 favorite new Valentine's treats

Valentine's Day isn't just about love. Or chocolate. Or...

Okay, I got distracted by the chocolate for a minute. My weekly weigh-in is this morning, so I'm a little hungry at the moment.

Anyway, the ideas inspired by this holiday are pouring into my Google reader. These are my five favorites.

1. No Bake Oreo Truffles. Ohmigod, yum. I have a friend who makes these every year and sends me a box.

2. Rock candy. So pretty! And remarkably easy, especially with this tutorial.

3. EKG cookies. Such an original idea, and very easy. You can decorate just about anything using this as a model.

4. Red velvet blossoms. A red velvet take on a traditional thumbprint. I have a son who is mad for anything red velvet. These are a favorite in my house.

5. Berry chocolate krispie treats. My son's class is getting this one this year.