Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Release - Budding Hopes

In celebration of Valentine's Day, MLR released 16 stories last Friday, including one of mine. Budding Hopes is the story of a young doctor in 1954 Baltimore, who has developed somewhat of a crush on the shy, buff florist's son who has been slipping an extra flower into those he takes to his mother's grave every weekend.

For eight months, Dr. Mark Vance has been visiting Sheehan's Nursery to buy flowers for his mother's grave, and every week, Hal Sheehan slips an extra lily into the bunch. Mark would love nothing more than to get to know the gentle giant better, but in 1954 Baltimore, a man just doesn't ask another man out. His fears are compounded when a visit the day before Valentine's casts doubts on Hal's intentions. Maybe he really was meant to live a life of secrets. Or maybe he just needs the holiday to discover the best secret of them all.

Check it out!