Monday, September 22, 2014

New release - Flesh and Kisses

Yesterday, my m/m reunion story, Flesh and Kisses, came out as part of the Silver Foxes pax at Amber Allure. I can't believe I've never done a high school reunion story before. The era is perfect for me, and these people so much like the ones I went to school with that it was a little eerie sometimes. But I loved writing it. I hope you're going to enjoy it, too!

The last thing Jett Walker wants is to attend his thirty-year class reunion, especially after spending all of high school in the closet. But then he learns the one person he was never able to resist will also be there—punk rocker Trev Chambers. Trev was the epitome of everything Jett wanted to be, and now he’s reuniting the band he made famous in the intervening years for a final blowout concert. Though nobody back home in Louisville knows he’s gay, Jett finally decides to go to the event. He needs closure, and one weekend pretending he’s straight is more than worth it.

When he discovers Trev lives less than two hours away from him, Jett seeks him out on a whim. The punk rocker has grown up, but as far as Jett’s concerned, Trev is more appealing than ever. And better still, he’s also gay, and available.

One brief conversation turns into a date, which raises the question...are Jett and Trev just living in nostalgia, or can they find a way to build a real future together?

Check out the excerpt!