Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Voice in the Dark now available for pre-order

On one horrible morning, the existence Anthony Saunders knew disappeared with the crunch of twisted metal. The other driver lost his life. Anthony lost his sight. He almost lost more, but for a single voice. A voice that reached through the fear and confusion, and kept him calm while the Jaws of Life tore open his flipped car. A voice that followed Anthony during his long road to recovery as he learned to live with his disability.

Firefighter Dan Middleton's job is to save lives. He certainly doesn't expect to hear from the rescued victims after they leave his brief care. When a blind man he only vaguely remembers arrives at the fire station to express his gratitude, Dan is stunned. He's even more stunned to discover he genuinely likes Anthony. More than he's liked anybody in a long time.

Dan finds it difficult to balance his career with a real relationship, while Anthony is still trying to find a way to stand on his own two feet. They only need to have the courage to follow a voice in the dark.

In case you missed it when it first came out as part of the fireman anthologies a few years ago, the Jamie Craig title, "A Voice in the Dark," is being re-released as a solo title from Liquid Silver Books.

It'll be out on August 25, but if you want a deal, you can pre-order it at 20% off.