Thursday, July 31, 2014

Escaping Those Sizzling Summer Nights

Calling my summer "sizzling" is pretty spot on for how it's going, and not in the fun, sexy way! See, I live in California, and we've had a pretty hot one so far. We're looking at 100+F over the weekend, and August has only just begun. As a girl born and bred in the midwest where a year really was composed of four seasons, it's taken me some getting used to. Sometimes, I think I'm still adjusting to it, and I've been here for a decade now.

So what do I do to escape the heat? It probably sounds counterproductive, but I always turn to winter stories. I may not want to hear about snowstorms and freezing temperatures in the dead of January, but when I turn into a sweat bomb as soon as I step outside my air conditioned house, those kinds of things sound heavenly.

That's why I jumped at the chance to write a story for a collection coming out August 17 at Amber Allure that's winter-themed. It's a story about healing and second chances, and I'm absolutely in love with the cover.

That's Connor, my main character. Just looking at that wintry landscape makes the heat we're currently enduring much more bearable.

Curious about what the story is exactly about?

Life hasn’t turned out like Connor McClure hoped. His relationship is over, he lost his friends in the break-up, and nothing makes him happy anymore. All he wants is to hide from the world, but the only place available to him is his parents’ home in the rural Michigan community he abandoned thirteen years ago. Since they’re in Florida for the winter, he’ll have the whole house to himself.

Except he doesn’t. In their absence, the McClures asked a young neighbor to look after the property. Jerry is young, energetic, and oh yeah, gay. From everything he’s learned about Connor, he might be harboring a little crush, but Connor is in no place for dating. Right now, he needs a friend, someone to help him remember that second chances are always possible…

So tell me. Has your summer been a scorcher? How are you escaping the heat? 


Kathy Heare Watts said...

Actually here in E. TN our summer has been extremely mild, including breaking 3 record low temperatures. Me, I read, lots and lots of books in an air conditioned house!
Thank you for being part of the blog hop.

Lee Todd said...

Summer has been and gone....I don't think it was as bad as previous summers, which was really nice for a change!

Anonymous said...

It's been 100 here too, and smoky. not much relief in sight. I wish the sun would turn it down a notch!

Anonymous said...

My summer hasn't been too bad. Kind of cool on some days and then hot on others. I don't think we have had too many days in the 100's.

Samantha Hodges
samanthahodges64 at yahoo dot com

Juana said...

My Summer has definitely been a scorcher. I have been staying inside as much as possible and drinking a lot of cold water/lemonade.

jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

bn100 said...

It's been hot

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Brandi said...

We've had a pretty good summer,... only had a few days with terrible humidity,.. so it hasn't been too bad in my part of Massachusetts. =)

I escape the heat by relaxing in my AC, or eating ice cream in the shade,... or swimming in a pool. =)

Take care, & I hope you have a great weekend! =)
BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

Ada said...

Staying cool by cranking up the AC and eating ice cream!

Book Attict said...

I live in Florida where the 3 seasons are Hot, Really Hot and Hella I've been reading on the beach or by the pool to keep cool.

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Laurel Lasky said...

I also live in Florida so I stay indoors to read and sip an iced drink. Thanks for the giveaway.

Cindy Wells said...

On Thursday, it was 106F in Northern California. Ice cubes sliding on the skin work well when the rivers are nearly dry.

Alisha said...

Our summer in SW Pa has been pretty mild and rainy.
sienkiel1821 at yahoo dot com

Tara Quan said...

A winter-set book right now does sound like a great way to escape the heat ;)

Jody Faltys said...

Yeah, it's been HOT! I like it somewhat, but too many days is draining. Thanks for being part of the Hop!

gogi1_2 AT yahoo DOT com

Mel Bourn said...

It has been a mild summer so far, but I do love to sit outside and read in the shade. Just feels so good.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

JoAnna said...

It hasn't been too hot this summer. It's hot but not nearly as hot as it has been the last couple years.
Thanks for the chance!

beckerjo at verizon dot net

Linda said...

FOr once it´s really been a scorcher here! Sun and warmth, and I don´t have the heart to try and get away from it, since I´ve complained all winter on the cold and wet LOL
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Sunday!
fr_larsson at hotmail dot com