Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Blacklist

If you're not watching The Blacklist and plan to, don't read further. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who would like to remain surprised.

Don't worry. I'll wait while you click away.


Still here? Then you either don't care about getting spoiled, or you're watching along, and if you're not watching along, why not? Unless you despise James Spader in which case you're perfectly justified because he's what makes the show so worth it.

Anyway. I'm all caught up through this week. It's the one show my husband wants to sit down and watch with me, so that doesn't get left on the DVR more than 24 hours. And though I wondered if it was going to go there, I'm a little disappointed that it really does look like Red is Elizabeth's father. His speech to Tom about her father always keeping her safe sounded a little too ominous not to put him in the father's shoes, and considering he killed her adopted father when he made it clear he wanted Elizabeth to know the truth (though yes, it was more a mercy killing than anything else since he was terminal and had already expressed how much he didn't want to go through that), it seems like a safe assumption.

It also looks like her mother was convicted of some violent crime, which is a little more interesting. Now, it could be that Red's guilt has something more to do with his association with her mother rather than abandoned paternity, but I'm not holding my breath. Like I said, his comments to Tom were too pointed.

But raise your hand if you thought Tom and Red were going to know each other when Red sat down next to him! I sure did. I liked that Tom seemed so innocent of everything in the conversation, but something is still going on there. I find it hard to believe that Red would be so wrong about him, otherwise. Maybe I'm putting too much faith in Red's intelligence, but considering how infallible and devious they've made him, I don't think so.

Then again, nothing is safe on this show. Especially Red. It's yet another reason why I love it.


Carla Krae said...

I'm hoping this was a red herring, a misdirection, because everyone has been SO sure he's her father to be so interested in her, and I hoped and expected them to pick a more clever option due to how the rest of the show is handled.

The actor that plays Tom said they originally were going to reveal the truth about him sooner, but the plan changed as they've been writing the season and now we're getting it in slow reveals of things that make us wonder.

Vivien Dean said...

That's what I'm hoping. It seems *so* obvious when it's been mostly smart about other choices.

I like that I'm still wondering about Tom. I'm also wondering what the deal is with Ressler. There's more there, there's got to be.