Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm back...

I feel like I'm coming back from vacation, except without the actual vacation part happening. My non-writing life has been absolutely insane, with the addition of one of my best friends visiting for most of the past week. I took time off from watching what I eat, from exercising, from writing, from pretty much everything online.

Which boils down to the fact that in the past ten days, I've eaten too much, moved too little, written too few words, and missed a lot of what's been going on in the publishing world.

The eating too much wasn't really worth it, but the rest of it was. I got to laugh and spend quality with someone I don't see nearly enough. I had quality time with my kids, including getting some beautiful rosebushes for my garden for Mother's Day. I got to see Iron Man 3 (loved it so much) and did a ton of shopping.

But now it's back into the trenches. I have new cover art to show this week, as well as new reviews to share. I'll be editing/polishing my senior citizen m/m romance, then finishing up some revisions on a menage I want to submit. No more junk food, either. Healthy eating and exercise are back on the menu.